About Us in Lupine Bay
All of the stories contained within these
pages were painstakingly collected by
Elizabeth and The Bard.   Elizabeth, an intellectual, originally forged her career in the flames of short smut and is deeply invested in the relationship drama betwixt present-day Lupine Bay citizens.   The Bard, an enormous nerd, adores J. R. R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion; in that vein, his focus is the founders of Lupine Bay, the weapons they used, and the wars they fought.   With that kind of combo, well, you may want to prepare for whiplash.


In these pages, you will discover elves, demons, dimensional doors, space travel, vampires, dragons, and so much more. Lupine Bay is ever-expanding and genre-encompassing. Her stories feature a large variety of relationship dynamics and sexual preferences, including traditional and reverse harems, gay and lesbian romance, polyamory, BDSM, femdom, and multiple simultaneous partners. Some pages or stories will be 18+ and may feature explicit sexual scenes, graphic violence, significant blasphemy, and occasional cannibalism.
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